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"perfection is in the details"


Born in The Gambia, Agi Daffeh is an entrepreneur, designer, and philanthropist with over decades of experience in the modeling and fashion industry. An alumni of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she earned a degree in design and merchandising going on to study social entrepreneurship.

Spending the early part of her career as an Associates Relations Director for a major retail brand,she went on to start her own fashion company: The Agi Daffeh Brand formerly known as L’Exellence Design Inc. for which she is Executive Creative Director.

Her brand established in 2003 has since evolved into a globally-renowned fashion house and continues to transcend creative boundaries, establishing herself as a distributor of premier lifestyle products. Agi’s main area of focus include design, textiles, and marketing which she has used to bring high-end design and lifestyle products to the world's stage. Her commitment to excellence is evident in every collection, from the top-tier customer service to her signature couture it’s clear why the global elites choose the Agi Daffeh Brand.

Staying true to the company philosophy “Perfection is in the details” Agi understands the importance of individuality as well as collaboration, which is how her brand continues to flourish .

As a social entrepreneur, she utilizes her creativity and the power of design to champion causes such as Women and Youth Empowerment, the fight against cancer, and invoking positive change in her community. Agi’s charity African Women Against Cancer (AWAC) founded in 2004 for which she is Founder and Chairperson has made innumerable impacts in Africa

Agi has expanded her interests towards  fashion photography and videography and hopes to expand her lifestyle and wellness platform .


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